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What is Pixie Dust Chalk Paint Powder? Q&A

What is Pixie Dust Chalk Paint Powder?

Aug 04, 2015

Here is a little Q&A based on emails and facebook comments/questions!  Hope this helps you all out!

Q. What is Pixie Dust Chalk (Mineral) Paint Powder/Liquid?

A. Our paint powder is a 100% all natural paint additive that you mix with your everyday flat latex paint and it creates a chalky feel and look.

Q. What is the powder and liquid pixie made of?

A. Our paint additive is made with food grade calcium, chalk, limestone, and clay.  Our product is 100% all natural, made in the USA, Non-toxic, and even edible.  Our additive DOES NOT contain Plaster of Paris or Non-Sanded Grout.  Our product is made of food grade ingredients and do not contain any ingredients that have to be listed on label as hazardous under the California Prop 65 law.

Q. What kind of paint to you recommend?

A.  Again that’s up to you.  You can use a super smelly VOC paint that is cheap ($6-10 qt.) or you can spend a little extra and get a higher end ZERO VOC paint ($11-13).  We always use Zero VOC paints and some of our favorite brands are:

Olympic ICON

Valspar Ultra

Behr Premium Plus

Q.  Is Pixie Dust “Chalk Paint”?

A.  No!  We don’t sell paint, we sell an additive that makes chalky like paint that is to be used for crafting and upcycling furniture (and what an amazing outcome you will have with it).

Q. Why would I buy your product instead of a quart of chalk paint that’s ready to go?

A.  Well that’s entirely up to you!  If you want to spend upwards of $40-45 for a quart of paint and only have 20ish colors to choose from knock yourself out!  However, if you want to spend $15-20 per quart in any color you want and still get the same results as the $40 can, why not?!?!

Q. What makes Pixie Dust Chalk Paint Powder and Liquid unique?

A.  Well first of all, when it comes to the hobby/business of redesigning furniture, the type of paint you use can make it or break it.  Those who have used chalk paints in the past know that the soft matte look is visually stunning and the ability to distress is highly important.  With our product you can have your cake and eat it too!  You can have the same look as high end brands, you can pick any color you want, and most of all, you can SAVE $$$$.  Our product is also unique to the market as we are the ONLY ones offering a mix that is a Chalk/Clay combination.  This combination allows paint to stick to almost any surface such as wood, metal, plastic, concrete, laminate and fabrics (from what we hear from our end users, it does amazing things to old leather chairs)!  It gives you a soft velvet like finish!

Q.  How much Pixie Dust Chalk Paint Powder will I need for my project and how long can I store it for?

A. Well that depends on the project.  A pint of paint will paint a good size dresser, or 2 night stands, or LOTS of picture frames.  A quart will paint 2-3 large pieces.  We recommend mixing Pixie Dust Chalky Paint Powder by the pint (use a quart size mason jar to allow room for shaking, add pixie dust, water, shake and then pour the paint into the quart jar up to the 1/2 mark and that will give you a perfect pint).  Why do you mix it by the Pint?  Mixing as you go will extend the life of your paint.  After mixing Pixie Dust to your paint, the paint will have a life span of about 4-6 months depending on the weather. Storing your paints in a cool location will extend the life.  Storing in a hot garage will shorten the life (that goes for any paint).

Q.  What do I use to protect my project after painting it?  Does it need to be sealed?

A. YES…YES…YES. Anything that is painted needs to be sealed.  We pretty much wax everything (unless it’s for a kids room).  We love the feel and look of wax and while it may take more time, the finish is amazing.  We recommend using our one of a kind Finishing Hemp Paste Wax. Like our Pixie Dust, our product is unique to the market combining Hemp Oil and Wax all in one.  The results are outstanding!

Q. How did you come up with this idea?

A. I think I’m asked this question more than any others listed.  It’s really a long story that’s about 30 years in the making, and finally one day the last piece of the puzzle clicked! If you would like to read our entire st.