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Southern Blenders Metallic Paint- Blues and Greens


Our water and clay based Metallic paints are made with some of the most beautiful mica's and ultra high pigments available on the market. VOC FREE!!! They provide a durable finish that doesn't require a top coat. Colors can be mixed and match to get darker or lighter shades. Use along side our gilding powders for an unbelievable sparkle to any project.

**These paints can be use alone or with other paints or stains. They can also be used on hard surfaces such as metal, concrete, stone, and even clay. DOES NOT REQUIRE a sealer, but can be if needed- wax, water base, oil base, epoxy, etc. The colors can be mixed and matched to create new colors and they can also be used as a glaze.


  • Default - 100% in stock
  • Aged Patina - 100% in stock
  • Blue Reef - 100% in stock
  • Green with Envy 2 OZ. - 100% in stock