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Southern Blenders BERMUDA BLENDING Mineral Paint Set

Image of Southern Blenders BERMUDA BLENDING Mineral Paint Set


Southern Blenders Paint-designed for the purpose of blending and mixing paint.

Southern Blenders are a mineral based paint with the durability of latex paint. Water based and VOC free, this paint can be sealed with wax or water base finishes.

This paint kit includes FIVE 8oz Bottles of Mineral Paint in the Bermuda Blending Colors developed by Maria Revollo and manufactured by Pixie Dust Paint Company (4 Blues and 1 Orange).

***PLEASE NOTE that this set of paint doesn't include the metallic paint or powders. This is only for the 5 paint mineral paint colors needed for the Bermuda Blending Technique. Products suggestions that can enhance your project(not included or required):
-Pixie Dust Hemp paste wax -Blue Reef Metallic Paint
-Lava Orange Metallic Paint -Temple Gold Metallic Paint
-Copper Nails Metallic Paint -Burnt Gold Gilding Powder
-Unicorn spit colors Navajo Jewel, Zia Teal, Phoenix Fire and Blue Thunder

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