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Pixie Texture Additive

$15.00 - On Sale

Pixie Texture Additive

Are you ready to make your friends HOW DID YOU DO THAT??

Mix with ANY type of paint from Flat to High Gloss, as well as craft paints. Pixie Texture is super easy to use, easy to clean up, and the results are breathtaking. Sealants depend on the type of paint you use, as some don't require to be sealed at all (high glass and metallics).

Like all of our Pixie Dust Products, Pixie Texture is 100% all natural, non-Toxic and contains NO PLASTER OF PARIS, GROUT, TALC or any other material that is on the California Proposition 65 List of cancerous causing materials.

1 bag is enough to cover 7 kitchen cabinet doors (if using the roller technique). It can also be used for raised stencils. Coverage will vary on the amount of paint you use per project and the consistency of the paint. The thicker the paint the less texture needed.